About my Online Lessons

Online piano lessons are effective and efficient; I teach the same principles that I offer with in-person lessons, and while the medium is different, the product is the same. I use Zoom technology for recording and teaching online, so sound and/or video quality won’t be an issue. Young people are already used to learning and experiencing life through a screen. Using technology is fun!

Children and teenagers are increasingly learning through online platforms, so your child may learn the piano better through an online medium. Take lessons from anywhere: if you live in a region or country where high level, professional piano instruction isn’t readily available, online lessons might be perfect for you. We will cover the fundamentals of music theory, reading, and proper playing technique.

I’ve played many genres of music, and in my 25 years experience, the classical repertoire provides the best foundation for a well-rounded pianist. That said, I offer classical piano lessons online to help you practice your playing technique, but all genres of music are valuable.