Music lessons enrich our lives by expanding horizons, developing creativity, imagination and providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

I have more than 20 years of US teaching experience and work with high profile families within music and entertainment industry. My students achieve outstanding scores on NYSSMA (New York State exam) and 10 points higher than average on the Royal Conservatory Exam (National recognized). Many of my students preformed in the Carnegie Hall and some of them were accepted to the Manhattan School of Music.

Mastery at the piano involves not only being able to play the correct notes at the correct time, but also being able to express feelings and share stories through music making. It is my goal to develop in each of my students a comprehensive understanding of music that enables them to play the piano with utmost enjoyment and musicality. Even during the earliest stages of piano study, I am committed to teaching students how to make a piece of music sound communicative and beautiful. This focus on artistry and creativity enables the students’ individuality to shine through their music.

During private lessons, time is spent on technique exercises, learning and polishing repertoire into artistic performances, sight-reading, theory/ear training assignments. Although an emphasis is placed on repertoire from classical to modern, Broadway and jazz,but the student’s curriculum is always tailored to the individual student’s interests and goals.

Your first lesson is on me